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Valerie Speer

Phone: 403-677-0007

Philosophy: The landscape we live in is alive, and constantly speaking to us, bringing hope, reflecting the power, creativity and personality of God. In our experience with our environment we can discover life changing moments and intimacy with our creator.

Style: Prairie and wilderness landscapes in a simplistic yet powerful style, similar to that of the Group of Seven

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Background: Valerie grew up in Alberta and the interior of B.C. She always demonstrated talent and interest in visual arts completing a 2 year visual arts diloma with Okanogan College. After traveling for a year, Valerie pursued her education and career in Audiovisual Communications, with photography and video production. In the late 90's Valerie picked up her paintbursh again and being inspired by Lauren Harris of the Group of Seven, she began reflecting her envionronment in a similar style. Valerie finds this expression of painting captures the lighting and spirit of a place better than a more detailed rendition.

Presently: Valerie was the resident artist of the former Trading Post Gallery in Rosebud, Alberta. She currently displays originals and print in the Mercantile Dining room for Rosebud Dinner and Theatre. Valerie is experiencing a growing demand for commision work as her originals are quickly purchased. Her latest commission willl be displayed on the CEO floor of EnCana Place downtown in Calgary, Alberta.

Artist's Rights:

Copyright and Right to Credit.

a) The Artist reserves to herself all rights of reproduction and all copyrights in the Work, the preliminary design and any incidental works made in the creation of the Work. Copyright notice in the name of the Artist shall appear on the Work, and the Artist shall also receive authorship  credit in connection with the Work, in the following form: Copyright, Artist's name, All Rights Reserved, date, in such a manner and location as shall comply with the Alberta and Canadian Copyright Law

b) Nondestruction/Alteration. The Purchaser agrees that he/she wil not intentionally destroy, alter, damage, modify or otherwise change the Work in any way whatsoever, without the Artist's written permission.

c) Moral Right. The Purchaser will not permit any use of the Artist's name or misuse of the Work which would reflect discredit on her reputation as an artist or which would violate the spirit of the Work.

2. Warranty: The Artist warrants that the design being purchased is the original product of her own creative efforts.